Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy 1. Advent

I can't believe it is time already for the 1. Advent it seems early this year and it does not feel like it at all, the kids are outside wearing t-shirts and it is 72*F outside.

for our table decoration I went simple this year, I used a wavy serving plate 4 candle holders from Target and small ornaments from last year. I love the simplicity of this decoration and it is cleaned up in no time.

Happy 1. Advent

Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lace ornaments

I love angels, this one will hang on our christmas tree, it needs a gold thread for hanging, but it looks beautiful like this too.

I'm planning to make a lot of these and send them out with our christmas cards.
this cross is a bible bookmark, there is a loop on top for adding ribbons. I do not know if this ornament is a snow flake or a christmas star, but it is beautiful anyway, I made some red and white ones to hang on the window with clear hooks.

Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine

**candy cane ornaments**

... just finished are some more candy cane holder ornamentsthis pink little reindeer would be perfect for a little girl

or how about a lizzard climbing down a candy cane, my boys liked this one

this polar bear is great and can be very easily changed by using a different color for the scarf

I'm making lots of these for family and friends.

Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas ornaments

....when it get's really cold out there... like this morning...
it's time to make the first christmas ornaments for this year. this is the first christmas I have an embroidery machine and ....ohhh...
the possibilities

I love making these candy cane holers, they are cute and inexpensive to make , the perfect little treat to giv away or add to a present as decoration.

Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine