Sunday, October 30, 2011

... we just finished another jar of jam,

the jar is nice - to nice to just throw it in the recycling bin
with a ribbon, a tea candle and some paper
we turned it into a christmas candle decoration.

Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine

Thursday, October 27, 2011

... I was looking for ideas for ornaments to make this year and I found these very cute ormanemts on the internet, the best thing is that they are pop up ornaments, since I have to ship a lot of the presents and ormaments that's a great thing. This ormanent can also be used as a gift tag. is made out of 6 shapes, that are glued together, each section needs a 3x3 inch piece of white cardstock, and is scored at 1.5 inches from 2 sides, then another score diagonally.

After stamping an image onto the middle of front and back the section is folded, the corners of the diagonal crease are folded in to make a section that is 1,5 inches square. These segments are glued together and the first and last section are covered with a 1,5x1,5 piece of cardstock, and on each end is a ribbon glued in between the last section and the cardstock, both ribbons are threaded through a bead and the ends are tied together, the ornament opens by raising the bead and releasing the sections, then lower the bead again and ready is the pop up ornament.

Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine

Monday, October 24, 2011

....have you ever asked yourself -

What to do with all the scrapbooking paper you have collected over the years?

I sure have :)

some it I'll be using to make gift boxes,

this box uses one 12x12 sheet of sturdy paper

and a small sheet or some left over white paper.
I made this box to fit a small candle I want to give as a present. it is 3 inches square on top and 3 inches deep, I cut the paper
9x9 inches and scored each side 3 inches from the edge, then it looked somewhat
like a tic tac toe board. I cut every other line from the edge and overlaped them to make a
box. The middle of the top is 1/8 inch wider , to fit better over the box.

Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Big sister gift welcome her little baby sister I made this "big sister welcome coloring book"

for my little neighbor.
the front is made of cardstock I used a long piece and folded it up to make a pocket , punched the edge, glued the sides shut and reinforced the sides with an eyelet.
for the coloring pages I printed some baby coloring pages, that are available for free from the intetnet, sized them to about 4x 5 inches and printed them on white cardsrock.
I punched a hole in the top left corner of the coloring pages and added a book ring to attach them to the front of the coloring book, just add caryons and you are done,
this would also be a geat stocking stuffer for little kids or a party favor for birthday parties....
the possibilities are endless :)

Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine

Sunday, October 16, 2011

another kitchen towel... this one is for an inspiring young cupcake baker

she is only 13 and is the daughter of a friend.

every towel gets a special tag and a hanger in the coordinating fabric.

these would be great for christmas too.

have a great week

Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 tags anyone?...

I have a bunch of paper scraps from my card projects and I just could not throw them away. For these tags you only need little bits of paper, so the scraps were perfect to use.

I used a stamping up rubber stamp from an old set I have and a round punch and scalloped edge punch, I layered pieces and punched a small hole for the string.

Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine

Monday, October 10, 2011

........cozy and warm for little girls... is this scarf, made from polar fleece
I added an embroidery design and a
star border I have on my sewing machine. Superfast and easy to sew, this is a great last minute present for little girls on cold days.

Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine

Sunday, October 9, 2011

...All punched out

last week I found a great punch at the craft store, a 3 1/2 inch circle

with scalloped edges today I hosted a baby shower

and used it to make most of the decorations. for the gift bags I used the microsoft publisher to design the image and punched
the tags using the scalloped edge punch.
for these decorations I punched 6 circles folded each
in half I glued them together in a star pattern and inserted

a ribbon for hanging.

Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine