Thursday, October 27, 2011

... I was looking for ideas for ornaments to make this year and I found these very cute ormanemts on the internet, the best thing is that they are pop up ornaments, since I have to ship a lot of the presents and ormaments that's a great thing. This ormanent can also be used as a gift tag. is made out of 6 shapes, that are glued together, each section needs a 3x3 inch piece of white cardstock, and is scored at 1.5 inches from 2 sides, then another score diagonally.

After stamping an image onto the middle of front and back the section is folded, the corners of the diagonal crease are folded in to make a section that is 1,5 inches square. These segments are glued together and the first and last section are covered with a 1,5x1,5 piece of cardstock, and on each end is a ribbon glued in between the last section and the cardstock, both ribbons are threaded through a bead and the ends are tied together, the ornament opens by raising the bead and releasing the sections, then lower the bead again and ready is the pop up ornament.

Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine

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