Thursday, November 29, 2012

...little gifts

I found this wonderful
 tutorial on this blog  and I just
had to start sewing, so easy and
fun to make, this is the perfect
little present. I just had to make
one. ...there will be more .....
 this is perfect for using all the
little left over pieces of fabric, that I kept and was planning to use at some point.

Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

......angels on my window

last week I made some lace angels from the Sonia Showalter designs 

 website, they are from
 the angels of light

 and the light
 today was perfect,
the late afternoon
 sun was shining

and the angels were so beautiful, I just had to snap a few pictures ..... ok a lot of pictures. I made these angels to send out with my Christmas Cards

Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Cards

...There are so many new things I want to try
I saw Spellbinders dies and I just had
to try them, they came in the mail yesterday
and I spend some time trying them out today. 
I'll be making a bunch of these.
Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine's task ...
window decorating
I found this great idea on Pinterest, this site is great there are so many ideas.

 I made a lot of lace snow flakes ahead of time, they are perfect for decorating and as gift tags. 
we hot glued ribbons around candy canes and attached them to a garland, this makes for an inexpensive way to decorate your window.
we hung the lace ornaments on clear hooks on the top part of the windows, I love the way they look when the sun is shining.
Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Busy crafting

I've been busy the last few weeks, starting my Christmas crafts,

 (these gift tags are good scrap paper busters, I used a lot of left overs)

....there are sooo many ideas and sooo little time, every year I'm telling myself to start earlier, but I know that will not happen anyway, so here is a start

 I found a great embroidery file for these mini composition book covers at Fivestar Fonts, I love making these. They are perfect little teacher gifts along with the monogram Cosmetic bag.

Ganz liebe Gruesse Sabine